Prepping the Fire Station for Cold Weather

Source: EMR-ISAC

Autumn has officially started. Last year saw colder temperatures and more snow than average in much of the country, and this year may be more of the same. Areas of the country not normally known for cold snaps experienced them last year.

Steps fire departments can take to winterize their stations include the following:

  • Check the roof for puddled water, signs of deterioration;
  • Inspect all caulking of windows, doors, pipes, roof flashing, inside and out;
  • Look for any cracking of walls or evidence of water leaks;
  • Have heating units serviced and checked, including duct work;
  • Clean and test any generators; ensure an adequate supply of fuel.

Apparatus should be made ready for cold weather, too:

  • Change out oil for a cold-weather variety;
  • Make sure the engine’s anti-freeze is filled;
  • Ensure tires are properly inflated and the tread is not too worn;
  • Check the windshield wipers and change out any that are showing wear;
  • Think about supplying all apparatus with a bag of rock salt or other ice-melting agent;
  • If your department uses tire chains, practice putting them on before they are needed.