Plan Ahead for National Preparedness Month

Source: EMR-ISAC

September is National Preparedness Month, and as the country recovers from spring tornadoes, continuing wildfires, and a variety of other disasters, local emergency management agencies should look to their communities to determine what they can better do to encourage citizens to prepare for hazards likely to strike.

The National Preparedness Community is a community of nearly 27,000 members. The site, moderated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is available for any citizen or emergency management professional to join and provides extensive information on training events, preparedness planning, discussion boards, and national announcements.

A First Responder Community of Practice housed within the National Preparedness Community aims to give emergency personnel resources specifically geared towards their needs. The Ready Responder Toolkit helps first responders prepare themselves and their families for disasters. Also included are discussion boards for information exchange, lists of regional training, and links to resources.