NVFC Seeking Subject Matter Experts to Help Update Virtual Classroom

The NVFC is seeking subject matter experts to assist in updating the Virtual Classroom, an online learning center featuring on-demand courses covering a wide range of fire and emergency service topics. Subject matter experts are needed to review and update existing content as well as add relevant anecdotes or examples, if applicable.

The time commitment to participate will depend on the content. To compensate for a subject matter expert’s time, the NVFC will pay a stipend ranging from $100 to $500 per course, depending on course complexities and number of updates needed. The list of courses needing review include:

  • Becoming a Company Officer – Incident Scene Management
  • Volunteer Recruitment for the Emergency Services
  • Volunteer Retention for the Emergency Services
  • Fireground Accountability
  • Training the Next Generation
  • Grant Writing for the Fire & Emergency Services
  • Addressing Substance Abuse, PTSD, and Other Concerns in the Fire Service

If interested in working with the NVFC and becoming one of our valued subject matter experts, please submit this application by September 15, 2019.