NVFC Resource Spotlight: Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program

The very nature of emergency response activities puts added stress on your heart and body, not to mention the effects eating on the run may have when it comes to making food selections. And long shifts or volunteering in your ’spare time’ may limit the physical fitness activities you participate in. The Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program provides tools and resources to help first responders work around these obstacles to get and stay healthy, making sure you are ready for that next call.

Utilize the Heart-Healthy Firefighter web site at www.healthy-firefighter.org to find information, tools, and resources to improve your health and keep you strong. These include recipes, monthly fitness and health challenges, resource guides, webinars and workshops, and much more. The Start a Program section will help you start or expand a health and wellness program in your department to make sure all your members stay strong and are ready to respond. Other sections focus on heart basics, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

As an emergency responder, you face added risks to your health and wellbeing. You owe it to yourself, your family, and the community you serve to stay strong with the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program.