NVFC Officer Encourages Heart Healthy Lifestyles for Firefighters

Kevin D. Quinn, NVFC First Vice Chair and Deputy Chief of the Union Fire District in Rhode Island, was inspired by the Cardioviva Search for Heart Health Champions to encourage his fellow emergency responders to get healthy. Having used diet and exercise to improve his own health, Chief Quinn has written a poem to motivate others to do the same.

The Consummate Professional Volunteer Firefighter

Learning in time,
Developing Skills,
Following orders,
Conducting those drills.

Standing with Honor,
Protecting our Past.
Entering structures,
To Complete our tasks.

Bonding with brothers,
Offering support,
Helping them handle,
The untenable sort.

Saving those lives,
From fire and strife.
Making a difference,
Through Heart-Healthy Lives.

Adapting to change
Protecting our own
Keeping our bodies
So fit and so tone.

I want you to know,
Your work’s not in vane;
For a child appears,
In your arms through the flames.

Continue your mission
With Heart-Healthy Choices
Life Changing Alternatives
Listen to those voices.

We are ripped and we’re torn,
And split into two;
Fulfilling the challenges,
For them and for You!

By Kevin D. Quinn, Deputy Chief
Union Fire District of South Kingstown, Rhode Island