NVFC Launches Incident Safety Officer Training through Virtual Classroom

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is now offering its Incident Safety Officer (ISO) course through the NVFC Virtual Classroom. Take the course for free for a limited time.

The ISO training gives students an overview of the role of an ISO and covers communications and safety, as well as the practical application of this information. The course was made possible through a grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation. Please note, this is not an Incident Safety Officer certification program.

The course is offered in a series of four modules:

  • Module 1: Overview – Provides an overview of the roles, responsibilities, qualifications and standards applicable to the Incident Safety Officer.
  • Module 2: Communication – Covers pre-incident, incident, and allied communications issues for the ISO.
  • Module 3: Safety and Incident Response Management – Presents students with an overview of the key response considerations that Safety Officers must deal with in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.
  • Module 4: Application – Takes the lessons learned in Modules 1-3 and gives the student the opportunity to apply key concepts to practical scenarios. The goal is for the student to take away an experiential understanding of fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of an ISO.

The NVFC Virtual Classroom is an online learning center featuring low-cost courses designed and delivered by fire service members and industry professionals. The courses are on-demand and self-paced, which means you set your own schedule. NVFC Virtual Classroom courses feature the following:

  • Downloadable course materials and supplemental resources
  • Quizzes
  • Certificates of completion

The ISO course will be offered for free for a limited time. Take the course today https://nvfc.digitalchalk.com. New students must create an account before registering for a course.

Click here to learn more about the Virtual Classroom.