NVFC Expands Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) created the Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund to provide immediate assistance to volunteer firefighters and EMS providers who have had their homes impacted in a state- or federally-declared disaster. Now, eligible volunteers can also apply for a stipend if they have had damage to their property due to a home fire.

Since the Support Fund was launched in 2005, over half a million dollars has been distributed to volunteers in need. By expanding the criteria to include home fires, the NVFC is now able to assist even more responders.

“Volunteer firefighters and EMS providers are the ones who run in when everyone else is running out,” said NVFC Chair Steve Hirsch. “These responders are impacted by the same disasters as everyone else in their communities – whether that is a hurricane, wildfire, flood, home fire, or other event. The NVFC developed the Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund so that we can be there for those who are always there for everyone else.”

Through the Support Fund, eligible volunteer responders can apply for a $350 stipend to help them meet expenses in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or fire. The Support Fund relies entirely on donations from individuals and organizations to be able to provide these stipends for volunteer responders in their time of need. To learn more about the fund, make a donation, or apply for assistance, visit www.nvfc.org/support-fund.