NVFC EMS/Rescue Section Leadership Appoint New Executive Committee Members

The officers of the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) EMS/Rescue Section voted to fill two vacant director-at-large positions with Section members Chief Dennis Green and Chief Marvin Trimble.

Green retired as chief of Matthews Fire & EMS in North Carolina in 2016 and continues to serve the department as a volunteer firefighter/EMT. Trimble is a NVFC board member, a past president of the Iowa Firefighters Association, and an assistant chief in the Garrison Fire Department in Iowa.

“I’m very pleased to have Chief Green and Chief Trimble joining the Section’s Executive Committee,” said Section Chair Eric Quinney. “They each bring decades of experience working in EMS as volunteer and career practitioners, and I look forward to working with them.”

The mission of the NVFC’s EMS/Rescue Section is to provide volunteers in an EMS or rescue delivery system with information, education, services, and representation to enhance their professionalism. The Section Executive Committee serves as the primary leadership of the Section. The Section Executive Committee members are Eric Quinney (chair), Jules Scadden (vice chair), T.J. Nedrow (secretary), Ken Brown (NVFC board representative), Brian Foley (director-at-large), Dennis Green (director-at-large), Ed Mund (director-at-large), Marvin Trimble (director-at-large), and Ken Wettstein (director-at-large). Membership in the Section is free to NVFC members; learn more.