Now Available: Situational Awareness Online Training

Situational awareness is critical to firefighter safety, and it is essential in preventing bad outcomes at a scene. Flawed Situational Awareness: The Stealth Killer of First Responders is a new online, on-demand training available in the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Virtual Classroom.

This course educates fire and rescue personnel on reducing responder casualty incidents by improving the ability to develop and maintain situational awareness under stress. This program provides the attendee with a thorough understanding of situational awareness – what it is, how challenging it can be to develop, and how easy it can be to lose.

The course is being offered FREE for a limited time only.

Instructor Dr. Rich Gasaway served 33 years on the front lines as a firefighter, EMT-Paramedic, and fire chief, and he earned a PhD while studying how individuals, teams, and organizations develop and maintain situational awareness and make decisions in high-stress, high-consequence, time-compressed environments. Dr. Gasaway is widely considered to be one of the nation’s leading authorities on first responder situational awareness and decision making. His contributions have been featured and referenced in more than 350 publications. His leadership and safety programs have been presented to more than 38,000 first responders worldwide.

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