National Severe Weather Preparedness Week


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and FEMA have declared March 3-9, 2013, as National Severe Weather Preparedness Week. The theme this year is to encourage individuals to “Be a Force of Nature” by not only taking the time to be prepared for severe weather themselves but also by encouraging others to prepare.

The site supplies downloadable talking points, social media tools, presentations, logos, sample press releases, and blog posts. Regional emergency management outreach efforts can utilize these customizable documents for public education campaigns on the severe weather threats to their area.

Most states have their own preparedness weeks throughout the year focused on severe weather common in their region. NOAA maintains a listing of these and the nationally-recognized weather awareness weeks.

Emergency managers can also direct families and businesses to FEMA’s site for preparedness plans and tips. highlights specific natural or man-made hazards; lists steps to take before, during, and after them; and provides the public with additional information and resources through a variety of media outlets.