National Neighborhood Influenza Pandemic Readiness & Response Exercise

Good & Ready, the disaster preparedness and response program of Points of Light, has developed an easy way to engage neighborhood residents and community volunteers in becoming Good & Ready for an Influenza Pandemic by participating in “Resilient Response,” a disaster readiness and response exercise hosted online and available in communities across the country.

The Influenza Pandemic Exercise is scheduled for the evening of September 11, 2014. For information and to register yourself or your organization to participate visit

This important exercise is FREE and open to the public.
Neighborhood residents and community leaders should organize their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to participate in the exercise series. Here are the four steps to participating in a Resilient Response exercise:

  1. Click here for additional information and to register.
  2. Mark the date of the exercise on your calendar. 
  3. Host an exercise from your family room, office, church, or school.
  4. Share what you learned on the Good & Ready web site.