National Fire Academy Pilot Course Openings

Source: EMR-ISAC

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) is recruiting for several new pilot courses at the National Fire Academy (NFA):

  • Type 3 IMT/Organization – All Hazards Facilitator Development: This four-day course will prepare emergency services facilitators for the future development, training, and sustainment of Type 3 Incident Management Teams/Organizations (referred as Type 3 AHIMT) to support local, state, tribal, or territorial all hazard incident or disaster response.
  • Building Support for Community Risk Reduction: This two-day course is designed to address the challenges fire departments face in shifting priorities from response to prevention.
  • Best Practices in Community Risk Reduction: The second pilot of this two-day course will give students the opportunity to explore community risk reduction programs from communities across the United States that have been showcased at Vision 20/20 symposiums.

Further information about selection criteria, dates, and deadlines can be found in the course description. Those interested must complete the application form on the NFA web site.