NASEMSO Board Approves EMS Domestic Preparedness Improvement Strategy


The National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) Board of Directors recently approved a final draft of an “EMS Domestic Preparedness Strategy.” The document describes processes and stakeholder responsibilities necessary to successfully solve the most significant and persistent gaps in EMS preparedness.

For each of the 10 identified goals, the approach emphasizes a team of EMS subject matter experts and EMS organizational representatives to lead the planning. This strategic approach to EMS domestic preparedness also considers the ability of private and public sector EMS provider organizations and governments to implement and sustain their preparedness efforts.

Rather than listing goals in order of priority, this strategy orders goals by four interdependent categories: (1) Development and Promulgation of EMS Strategy; (2) Creation of EMS Preparedness and Response Guidelines; (3) EMS Preparedness and Response Data, Assessments and Analysis; and, (4) EMS Preparedness Organizational Relationships, Responsibilities, and Structures.

The draft is currently under review by the Department of Homeland Security and will be fully disseminated in the near future. For more information on NASEMSO, visit