MACAWS® for a Cause Giveaway

Intelagard is giving away up to $75,000 in fire suppression and decontamination equipment to first responders. Twelve Macaw® backpacks with three-piece nozzle sets will be awarded to fire departments, hazmat teams, hospitals, police departments, and municipalities.

Dennis Smagac, president of Intelagard, stated, “As the global economy has been severely impacted by the coronavirus, we at Intelagard want to give back to those organizations that have been and continue to be crucial to the safety of the community.”

The Macaw® backpack is a multi-purpose tool used for decontamination, fire suppression, exposure protections, hazardous material clean-up, and other safety services. It gives first responders the benefits of decreased exposure time and increased job completion in less time, increasing safety and saving on labor cost.

First responders working for a fire department, hazmat team, hospital, police department, or municipality can fill out the contact form at to enter to win. Winners will be chosen at random, with one recipient each month for 12 months.

Intelagard, Inc. is a privately held United States corporation registered in Colorado. Intelagard provides a full range of innovative compressed air foam dispersal equipment and foams for fire suppression, exposure protection, hazardous materials clean up, disinfection, and decontamination of warfare agents. These products are sold to emergency response professionals, government agencies, militaries, remediation companies, and industry.