Lighthouse Uniform Bereavement Uniform Program

The Bereavement Uniform Program from Lighthouse Uniform Company ensures that every firefighter – active or retired, paid or volunteer – is afforded the honor of a dress uniformed funeral at no cost to the family. Departments and firefighters from across the country make this possible by donating dress uniforms to be used for the program.

Through the Bereavement Uniform Program, departments and individual firefighters send Lighthouse Uniform Company their surplus or no longer fitting dress uniforms. The Lighthouse cleans, refurbishes, reconfigures to requested rank, and gets them out in whatever timeframe is called for. The only cost is for shipping, which is billed to the affiliated department.

The program has been a success, and provides a very special service for fire service families. It creates an inclusive tradition where every firefighter has a chance to be buried in a dress uniform, regardless of whether the department is wealthy enough to provide the uniform. The program is a collective effort and depends upon the donations of those who have dress uniforms they no longer need or use. The Lighthouse asks that departments and organizations link to the program from their web sites to ensure all personnel and their families are aware of the program, whether it is to donate or receive.

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