Let’s Ask America Game Show Looking for Contestants from the Fire Service

The game show “Let’s Ask America” is currently casting for its second season and is looking for firefighters and those in the field of fire prevention to participate. Contestants can win up to $50,000 and play is done over Skype, so no travel is involved.

“Let’s Ask America” is part of Warner Brothers and Telepictures and is broadcast by the Scripps Network. The daily half-hour show is hosted by comedian Kevin Pereria and contestants play over Skype to vie for a grand prize of up to $50,000 per episode. Contestants are asked opinion-based trivia questions followed by four potential answers, and must correctly guess which had the highest result in a poll of Americans.

Anyone interested in auditioning can fill out the online application at http://www.letsaskamerica.tv/contestant.shtml. For the question “How did you hear about our casting?” enter the name of casting agent Kate Fitzpatrick.

Questions can be directed to Kate Fitzpatrick at kate.fitzpatrick@letsaskamerica.tv. Click here to learn more about “Let’s Ask America,” or view clips from Season One here. You can also view the casting flyer.