Kickstarter Project for Firefighters Needs Support

The team who developed ALIVE, a free, interactive training program for firefighters, has initiated a Kickstarter project for firefighters. Since 2013, more than 100 U.S. fire departments and approximately 50,000 firefighters from all 50 U.S. states have used ALIVE training modules, and ALIVE has been featured in more than 300 newswires across the globe.

With your generous support, the team will create and distribute free software that fire departments can use to build their own interactive, scenario-based educational modules. These modules can be tailored to their specific needs and shared with their own members or with the worldwide firefighting community. The software’s graphical user interface will allow instructors to add and synchronize videos, images, text, and narration to easily present information and create scenarios that will visually engage the learner. Instructors will also be able to create pre-tests, post-tests, and surveys to analyze learning effectiveness, and students will be able to access these modules from anywhere in the world using their computers, smart-phones, or tablets. 

This project is a very important step towards increasing awareness, enhancing training, and protecting firefighters who risk their lives for their communities on a daily basis. This free software provides a scientifically-tested and proven learning methodology that will save time and money for training, making it an invaluable resource for fire departments straining to operate with limited budgets.

This novel effort can build a nationwide firefighter training portal for this simple but highly effective education. You can help by donating, as well as by leveraging the power of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to spread the word about this project far and wide, and encouraging everyone you know to show their support for this unique and valuable project.

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