IAFC, PERC Offer New Propane Online Training Program

Source: IAFC
Are time and resources a challenge in providing hazmat training for your personnel? The Propane Emergencies online training program is a new resource geared toward all first responders with industrial and residential propane-response responsibility. This training may be especially valuable for volunteer, combination, and fire brigade responders who may not have the time or resources to receive instructor-led hazmat training specifically on propane properties.
The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) have created this online training program based on Propane Emergencies, 3rd Edition, by Hildebrand and Noll. The training program, approximately two hours long, consists of five modules, each containing defined objectives and knowledge checks, interactive scenarios, and a final comprehensive assessment to reinforce learning.
At the completion of this training, first responders will:
  • Be more aware of the physical and chemical properties of propane.
  • Know how to complete a hazard and risk assessment as well as general emergency-response procedures.
  • Be able to the use the program’s eight-step process to develop an incident action plan to mitigate an emergency.
This training program is one of the first offered through IAFC Academy and Helix, the IAFC’s public-safety system that provides access to the Academy and other IAFC programs and resources.