Help Volunteer Firefighters in Need – Contribute to the Support Fund!

The NVFC’s Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund provides stipends to assist volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel impacted by a state- or federally-declared disaster. Applications have recently been fulfilled from volunteers affected by tornadoes in Nebraska. However, the fund is now depleted. The NVFC needs your help to ensure that volunteers impacted by future disasters receive the assistance they need. Donate now!

The Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund relies entirely on donations from individuals, organizations, and companies. 100 percent of the donations received go directly to help volunteer firefighters and EMTs impacted by a disaster. The NVFC donates all administrative costs associated with the fund.

The fund provides stipends of $250 to help eligible volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel meet expenses in the wake of a state- or federally-declared disaster. Volunteers must have suffered an uninsurable loss in excess of $5,000 and be from an NVFC member state as an individual or department member of the state association or the NVFC.

Assistance through the fund has been provided to volunteers in the aftermath of many disasters, including Super Storm Sandy, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, floods, tornadoes, and other large-scale events. To date, more than $500,000 has been distributed to volunteer firefighters in need.

With hurricane, wildfire, and tornado season in progress, the likelihood is high that more volunteer firefighters/EMTs will need assistance soon. Help the NVFC continue to provide this important support. Contribute to the Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund today.

Click here to make a donation. Learn more about the fund here.