Help Volunteer Firefighters Affected by Disasters

California Casualty donates $7,500 to NVFC Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund

Volunteer firefighters are working hard to save their communities from the devastating wildfires raging in Colorado. Yet these same firefighters are also victims of these fires, losing homes and property even as they work to protect their neighbors.

The National Volunteer Fire Council's (NVFC) Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund is designed to help volunteer firefighters who are impacted by large-scale disasters such as this. The Fund provides a stipend of $250 to volunteer fire and EMS personnel affected by state- or federally-declared disasters to help them meet basic needs in the aftermath of the disaster.

Help support volunteer first responders who are impacted by disasters with a donation to the NVFC Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund. Click here to make a donation.

California Casualty and its Advisory Board have donated $7,500 to the Support Fund as part of their efforts to help those affected by the Colorado wildfires.  The company is an Associate Member of the NVFC and their largest service center is located in Colorado Springs. The NVFC is grateful for this generous contribution and California Casualty’s leadership in supporting volunteer first responders in need.

If you are an active volunteer first responder who has been impacted by a disaster, click here to apply for a disaster relief stipend. To receive a stipend, you must be an active volunteer firefighter, rescue worker, or EMS provider; be from an NVFC member state as an individual or department member of the state association; live (or have housing) in a state- or federally-declared disaster area; and have incurred an uninsurable loss in excess of $5,000.

Established in response to the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the NVFC Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund has to date distributed almost half a million dollars to volunteer first responders in need. Click here to learn more.