Get Ready for May Awareness Campaigns

May is the designated time for many awareness campaigns that affect the fire and emergency services community. Get ready for these events and utilize the opportunity to inform and educate your department and community on critical topics that can increase the safety and wellbeing of firefighters, EMTs, and community members.

Mental Health Month (May): The theme of this year’s Mental Health Month is “Mind your Health.” Fire department leaders can utilize this time to educate members on critical behavioral health issues in the fire and emergency services, including PTSD, depression, addiction, sleep disorders, and more. The NVFC will be launching its new “Share the Load” behavioral health campaign on May 2, with new resources and tools available to help departments focus on behavioral health. Stay tuned to for campaign information and resources.

Building Safety Month (May): The International Code Council utilizes May to raise awareness among individuals, families, and businesses about what it takes to create and sustain safe and sustainable structures. The first week of the month, May 5-11, focuses on “Keeping Fire in its Place.” Learn more and access resources.

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (May 3): This inaugural event from the National Fire Protection Association is designed to help raise wildfire awareness, promote collaboration, and bring neighbors together to work on projects that can help protect homes, neighborhoods, and entire communities from future wildfire risk or current post-fire impacts. In honor of WCPD, the NVFC is offering its Wildland Fire Assessment Program online course for FREE for a limited time. Learn how your department can help make your community fire adapted with training and resources from the Wildand Fire Assessment Program and the WCPD web site.

Arson Awareness Week (May 4-10): This week, sponsored by the U.S. Fire Administration, raises awareness of arson and provides individuals with strategies to combat it in their community. Utilize the resources available on the Arson Awareness Week web site to educate your community on this year’s theme of “Vehicle arson – a combustible crime.”

National EMS Week (May 18-24): Recognize the achievements of the EMS providers in your department and honor their contributions during National EMS Week. Also use this opportunity to raise awareness in the community of the importance of EMS and the need for more EMS volunteers. This year’s theme is “EMS: Dedicated. For Life.” The American College of Emergency Physicians offers an EMS Week Toolkit and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians provides an EMS Week Ideas web site to help with planning.

Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 25-31): If your community is at risk for hurricanes, make sure your department and community are prepared. Knowing vulnerabilities and what actions need to be taken can reduce the impact of a hurricane disaster. The resources available on the Hurricane Preparedness Week web site and will help you educate your community and make sure you are as prepared as possible for whatever this year’s hurricane season may bring.