FREE In-Person Wildfire Assessment Training Now Available

When it comes to wildfires, the question isn’t ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Train your department members to help local residents prepare their home before the next wildfire strikes. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, is offering free in-person training through the Wildland Fire Assessment Program (WFAP).

The WFAP trains volunteer firefighters and support members, such as Fire Corps, on how to properly conduct assessments for homes located in the wildland-urban interface (WUI). It also provides departments with the printed materials they may need to educate their residents on how to become a more fire-adapted community. Host a WFAP training to make sure your department and community are best prepared for the threat of wildfire.

The four-part WFAP train-the-trainer course covers understanding the WUI problem, identifying the zones, evaluating the home, and available resources. Each module lasts one hour. Participants will be able to take this information back to their respective departments and teach personnel how to properly conduct a home assessment for residents living in the WUI. Students will be provided with a toolkit, supplemental resources, and a certificate of completion. The class is free and open to all personnel wishing to learn more about WFAP.

If you are interested in hosting a class, the NVFC will provide the instructor and materials and can also set up an online registration system. The host will need to provide assistance determining a date, time, and venue. A few provisions that will ensure an optimal training experience include the following:

  • The training site should be in a central location, easily accessible to potential students (20 minimum).
  • The venue should have classroom-style seating and audio/visual equipment consisting of PowerPoint capabilities and projector and screen.
  • The hosting agency should help promote the training (at least a three-month window to advertise) to ensure maximum attendance. Customizable resources are available from the NVFC to assist with this.

If you have questions or are interested in setting up a class, please email Lori Moon at Classes are limited, so contact us today!

Visit to learn more about the program.