Free Course: First Line of Defense – Smoke Alarm Installations

The switch to Daylight Savings Time on March 10 is the perfect opportunity to remind community members to check their smoke alarms and replace batteries. It is also a great time to provide smoke alarm installation training to your department’s volunteers. The NVFC is offering the course First Line of Defense – Smoke Alarm Installations for FREE, thanks to a partnership with First Alert. This course provides detailed information about how to properly install the correct type of smoke alarm, appropriate in-home placement and maintenance, and the background of alarm technology. Take this course in the NVFC Virtual Classroom.

Note: The NVFC is offering this course free-of-charge for a limited time to all fire and emergency service members. NVFC courses are always free for NVFC members. If you don’t have a Virtual Classroom account, create one for free to access this course. For more information about accessing the Virtual Classroom, click here.