Free Course: FC-302: Providing Rehab

Rehab is a critical part of incident response, as firefighters endure intense physical strain while fighting fires. The NVFC is offering the course FC-302: Providing Rehab FREE for a limited time. This course offers insight of the proper rest, re-hydration, nourishment, and medical evaluation responders need. The class also provides knowledge of how to start, implement, and/or enhance a rehab program in your department, and how non-operational volunteers can be a vital resource for a rehab program. Take this course in the NVFC Virtual Classroom.

Note: The NVFC is offering this course free-of-charge for a limited time to all fire and emergency service members. NVFC courses are always free for NVFC members. If you don’t have a Virtual Classroom account, create one for free to access this course. For more information about accessing the Virtual Classroom, click here.