Focus on Training: NVFC Virtual Classroom

Looking for low-cost, self-paced training opportunities? Then check out the NVFC’s Virtual Classroom. This online learning center features on-demand courses designed and delivered by fire service members and industry professionals.

Each course includes downloadable course materials and supplemental resources, quizzes, and certificates of completion. NVFC members receive a discount on all course fees. Access the discount code on the Members-Only section of the NVFC web site.

To access the Virtual Classroom, got to New students must create and account before registering. Once logged in, register for classes by selecting Catalog and adding your desired course(s) to the shopping cart. For courses with a fee, payment information will be required upon checkout.

Courses available in the Virtual Classroom include the following: 

  • Brotherhood vs. Parenthood: Finding your Life Balance– $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Emergency Services Liability– $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Emergency Vehicle Safe Operations– $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Fireground Accountability: Daring Not to be a Statistic– $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Grant Writing for the Emergency Services– $30 (non-member)/$25 (member)
  • Incident Safety Officer (ISO) Series – FREE for a limited time
  • Injury Prevention for the Fireground – FREE for a limited time
  • Is Your Department at its B.E.S.T.? – FREE for a limited time
  • Leadership for the Fire and Emergency Services – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Managing Change: From Volunteer to Combination & Department Mergers – $30 (non-member)/$25 (member)
  • Navigating Fire Service Funerals – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Obesity in the Fire Service – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Preventing and Coping with Suicide in the Fire and Emergency Services – FREE for a limited time
  • Putting Out the Fires: Stress Resilience Strategies – FREE for a limited time
  • Training the Next Generation – $30 (non-member)/$25 (member)
  • Using Your Lifeline: Disease Management for a Stronger, Longer Life – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Volunteer Recruitment in the Emergency Services – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Volunteer Retention in the Emergency Services – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • Wildland Fire Assessment Training – FREE for a limited time

Fire Corps Topics:

  • FC-100: Introduction to Fire Corps – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-200: Starting and Implementing a Fire Corps Program– $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-201: Achieving More through Collaboration – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-202: Project and Volunteer Management – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-203: Program Assessment – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-204: Funding and Support – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-205: Building the Relationship with Suppression – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-300: Activity Ideas for Fire Corps Programs – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-301: Fire Corps in Disaster Response – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-302: Providing Rehab – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-303: Fire Corps in Public Education – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-304: Conducting Home Safety Checks – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-305: Community Assistance Program – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-400: Marketing your Program – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-401: Engaging Youth Volunteers – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)
  • FC-402: Engaging Senior Volunteers – $20 (non-member)/$15 (member)