Focus on Health and Safety with the NVFC

The National Volunteer Fire Council offers a myriad of resources, training, and programs to help firefighters, emergency medical personnel, rescue workers, and their departments focus on their safety and health. Below is an overview of what is available.



The NVFC offers a series of online training courses on the following topics. Find all these and more at

  • STOP: Seatbelts Top Our Priorities
  • Pump Operations and Maintenance
  • Equipment Management Webinar Series
  • Heat Stress – Choosing the Right PPE
  • Behavioral Health
  • Health and Wellness Advocate Training
  • Health and Wellness Program Design
  • Heart Health
  • Functional Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • The Insulin Connection
  • Obesity in the Fire Service
  • Smoking Cessation
  • The Impact of Stress on Firefighter Heart Health


  • Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program: With heart attack the leading cause of on-duty firefighter deaths, this education and prevention program will help you take the steps you need to get heart-healthy, lower your heart disease risk factors, and establish a successful department health and wellness program.
  • Put It Out: This campaign, created in partnership with Pfizer, is designed to help first responders quit smoking, departments to set up no-smoking policies, and family members to support their loved ones in their smoking cessation efforts.