FirstNet Fact Sheets for Fire and EMS

Source: EMR-ISAC

In 2012, Congress signed FirstNet into law to be built as the high-speed, interoperable nationwide wireless broadband network specifically for public safety use. Creation of the network fulfills the last remaining recommendation from the 9/11 Commission Report: a dedicated platform for public safety communications.

Congress set aside the 700 Mhz spectrum specifically for use with FirstNet, fixing the interoperability problems that have plagued the emergency services for years. FirstNet has already started meeting with stakeholders to ensure the system meets the needs of state, local, tribal, and regional agencies. Anyone interested in working with FirstNet is encouraged to get in touch with their state’s point of contact.

FirstNet produced several fact sheets for fire, EMS, law enforcement, and land mobile radio (LMR) networks to help educate the eventual end users on the system, why it’s being developed, and how it will affect each of those professions.