Firefighter Cancer Registry Act Signed into Law

On July 7, President Trump signed the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act (H.R. 931) into law. The bill directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to develop and maintain a voluntary registry of firefighters to collect relevant history and occupational information that can be linked to available cancer registry data in existing state cancer registries.

“I’d like to thank President Trump for signing this important bill into law,” said National Volunteer Fire Council Chair Kevin D. Quinn. “Too many firefighters are contracting and dying from cancer caused by duty-related exposures. This registry will improve our understanding of why firefighter cancer is occurring at such a high rate, and will make it easier to prevent, detect, and treat.”

H.R. 931 originally passed the House in 2017. In May it was passed by the Senate with minor changes, and in June the House unanimously agreed to the Senate changes, which sent the bill to President Trump for his signature.