Fire Service Occupational Cancer Symposium: September 7-8

NVFC members get discount on registration

Research shows that firefighters face a higher risk of many types of cancers, especially digestive, respiratory, and urinary system cancers. As the number of firefighters and their families affected by occupational cancer steadily increases, improving education, prevention measures, and support are imperative.

As a member organization of the Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) encourages you to attend the Fire Service Occupational Cancer Symposium to learn what steps you and your department can take to reduce the risk of occupational cancers. Presentations and workshops will cover current research, best practices in prevention strategies, presumptive legislation, available benefits, and other relevant topics. Please join us for these important two days that will help focus attention on this crucial issue.

For more information and to register, go to, or contact Tricia Sanborn at or 410-353-0216.

Use the discount code NVFC to save $50 off your registration!

Please feel free to share this information (including the discount code) with others in your department.