Fire Corps Offers New Resources to Assist with Rehab and Fire Education Programs

Fire Corps is excited to announce the release of two new resources: the Fire Corps Guide to Providing Rehab and the Fire Corps Guide to Fire and Life Safety Education. Download these member-only resources by logging into the site and going to the Grow a Program – Offer Activities for Everyone section at If you are not registered with Fire Corps, you can do so for free at

Fire Corps Guide to Providing Rehab

Over the last few decades, department officials began to realize that needless deaths and injuries of firefighters were not badges of courage but rather indicators of problems in the health and safety of emergency personnel. Fire Corps Guide to Providing Rehab offers insight of the proper rest, rehydration, nourishment, and medical evaluation responders need. The guide is designed to help departments start, implement, and/or enhance a rehab program. Learn how to expand your department’s services and provide an opportunity for community members to answer the call to assist our first responders through rehab so everyone goes home safely.

Fire Corps Guide to Fire and Life Safety Education

Public education is proven to be a critical step to saving lives and preventing fires and injuries. Every department has its own requirements, needs, and challenges that are driven by diverse variables, such as the type of department, the demographics of the community it serves, and the resources available (human and fiscal) to fulfill its fire prevention mission. To accommodate that diversity and allow departments to adapt the program to fit their needs, Fire Corps has created the Fire Corps Guide to Fire and Life Safety Education for departments interested in establishing or enhancing a fire and life safety education program. This guide walks you through how to implement or enhance a local fire and life safety education program and provides profiles of successful programs and sample documents to help further these efforts.

About Fire Corps

Fire Corps is a national grassroots program administered by the National Volunteer Fire Council to support fire/EMS departments through the use of non-operational volunteers. Through Fire Corps, community members assist their local fire and EMS departments with non-emergency tasks, from conducting fire prevention and life safety education within the community to helping the department with fundraising, apparatus maintenance, administrative tasks, and more. This helps increase a department’s capacity and services while making citizens better prepared to handle their own emergencies as well as those of their neighbors. Learn more at