Feedback Needed on Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems

NYU Fire Research Group is conducting research to understand the firefighter air replenishment systems (FARs), their applicability in real-life, and their costs versus benefits, and to develop codes and standards for installation, testing, and maintenance for their safer use by firefighters. The team would like to receive your feedback by September 30 through an online questionnaire.

Firefighter air replenishment systems are essentially a standpipe for air. Its most common application is in high-rise buildings, but they can also be utilized in tunnels, underground structures, warehouses, and other big-box structures. The testing and maintenance of such a system are dependent on the building or the structure’s owner. Click here for a brief description of these systems.

Your sincere feedback will help the research team in determining the efficacy of these systems and to create a safer fire environment. It will take approximately five minutes to complete this questionnaire. The responses will be used anonymously to publish the final report. Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, contact the researchers at

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