Executive Order Enhances Chemical Safety

Source: EMR-ISAC

The White House has issued an Executive Order to help protect emergency responders, workers, and the community from hazardous materials at chemical facilities and to improve their overall safety and security.

The Fact Sheet for the Executive Order lists four primary tasks:

  • Improve operational coordination with state and local partners;
  • Enhance federal agency coordination and information sharing;
  • Modernize policies, regulations, and standards; and
  • Work with stakeholders to identify best practices.

Though still under investigation, “incidents such as the devastating explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas in April are tragic reminders that the handling and storage of chemicals present serious risks that must be addressed,” according to the Fact Sheet. Many Americans live near chemical facilities or facilities that store large amounts of chemicals for their operations; enhancing safety at these facilities will go a long way to saving lives in the future by helping prevent accidents.