EMS/Rescue Section Officer Election Rules Amended

The guidelines in the Operating Rules of the NVFC EMS/Rescue Section pertaining to the election of officers were amended at the recent Section meeting on September 19. Going forward, nominations will be due to the NVFC office by February 1, and elections will be held at the annual spring meeting of the Section, which is held in conjunction with the NVFC spring board meeting. Notification of the election, along with absentee ballot instructions, will be published in the Section newsletter and posted on the Section webpage no less than 30 days prior to the election.

Click here to view the full rules change, a copy of which was sent via e-mail to the entire Section membership prior to the meeting in accordance with the Operating Rules.

The next election of Section officers, including the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and three at-large Directors, will take place next year. All Section members are eligible to run or be nominated to serve in any of the Section officer positions. A call for nominations, along with a link to the Section election rules, will be published in the EMS/Rescue Update newsletter in December and January.