Code Green Campaign Brings Mental Health to the Forefront of EMS

A new web site called the Code Green Campaign launched in March to raise awareness of the high rates of behavioral health issues among first responders and provide education for first responders on how to provide care for themselves and recognize issues in their peers. The campaign was founded by a group of EMS providers who want to eliminate the stigma that prevents first responders from admitting behavioral health issues and asking for help.

To achieve their goal, the Code Green Campaign provides a platform for first responders to anonymously share their stories about behavioral health issues on the web site. This allows those struggling with similar issues to see they are not alone. It also alerts those who do not have firsthand experience with these issues to understand that behavioral health issues can affect anyone, thus decreasing the stigma.

Learn more about the Code Green Campaign at

Note: The National Volunteer Fire Council recently launched the Share the Load™ program to provide support and resources to first responders, departments, and families to address behavioral health issues. Access these resources at