CHEMTREC® Celebrates 43 Years

By Donna L. Lepik, American Chemistry Council, Director, Outreach & Special Programs, CHEMTREC & Staff Executive, TRANSCAER

Believe it or not CHEMTREC® is 43-years old! Time flies when you are serving as a round-the-clock resource for anyone/anywhere needing to obtain immediate critical response information for incidents involving hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

You may know CHEMTREC® is linked to the largest network of chemical and hazardous material experts in the world, including chemical and response specialists, public emergency services, and private contractors. CHEMTREC® is also a cost-effective method to assist shippers of hazardous materials with compliance with government regulations.

CHEMTREC's vision is to continue to be recognized by emergency responders, industry, government, and others as the world’s foremost emergency call center for information on hazardous materials and dangerous goods. In honor of our 43rd birthday, take a minute or two today to learn more about CHEMTREC's commitment to continuing to operate as the world’s first Level 1 hazardous materials emergency center by enjoying three newly refreshed videos for emergency responders.

  • Video 1: An Overview of CHEMTREC® 
  • Video 2: How CHEMTREC® Helps First Responders
  • Video 3: What’s Being Said About CHEMTREC®

These videos are also available on the CHEMTREC® and the American Chemistry Council’s web sites. Share these links with anyone who could benefit from this valuable information. You can order a free DVD of the videos to share with your stakeholders by emailing

CHEMTREC® is a service of the American Chemistry Council. CHEMTREC® has a broad range of critical resources that can help emergency responders mitigate incidents involving hazardous materials, such as:

  • An around-the-clock communications center staffed by trained and experienced emergency service specialists;
  • Immediate access to thousands of chemical product specialists and hazardous materials experts through CHEMTREC’s database of over 30,000 manufacturers, shippers, carriers, public organizations, and private resources;
  • A state-of-the-art telecommunications system that supports the virtual emergency response team, seamlessly linking on-scene responders with chemical experts, transportation companies, and medical experts;
  • An expansive electronic library of over 5 million Safety Data Sheets (SDS);
  • A database of medical experts and chemical toxicologists who provide advice and emergency medical treatment assistance to on-scene medical professionals treating victims of product exposure; and
  • Interpretation capabilities for more than 180 languages in the event of an emergency involving non-English speaking stakeholders.

Here's to another 43 years of effective and efficient service.