Changes to Ground Ambulance List

Source: EMR-ISAC

Seven national-level medical organizations came together this year to issue a 2014 Joint Policy Statement detailing equipment that should be available on ground ambulances in the United States. Last revised in 2009, the list is available online free of charge courtesy of the journal Prehospital Emergency Care.

The list is divided into several sections: requirements for Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), a list of optional equipment and medications, extrication equipment, and additional equipment needed for interfacility transport. The list also specifies ambulance needs for pediatric patients and some needed skills of EMS workers as defined in the National EMS Scope of Practice. It is important to note air medical transport is not covered in this list.

A summary of the changes is also available along with some discussion explaining why certain choices were made. Many changes are in terminology or description only; some items, such as folding stretchers, were changed from “required” to “optional.” Also of note are changes in language within the document to accommodate state, local, and regional licensing, training, or educational regulations.