Celebrate the Emergency Medical Services with National EMS Week

It’s National EMS Week, and the NVFC thanks all emergency medical services providers for the critical work you do to save lives and serve your community.
Sponsored by the American College of Emergency Medical Physicians (ACEP) and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), National EMS Week is a time to both raise awareness in the community about EMS and to recognize the contributions and life-saving services provided by EMS personnel. This year’s theme is EMS Strong.
All this week, the NVFC is offering its course Leadership for Volunteer Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Providers for FREE. The course examines leadership styles, qualities, and practices to help your department function at a high level by avoiding EMS/Rescue service leadership pitfalls. This self-paced, on-demand course is available in the NVFC Virtual Classroom. Use the code EMSWeek when registering for the course.
You can also utilize these additional resources for celebrating National EMS Week and furthering EMS awareness and recognition all year long.
  • ACEP EMS Week web site: ACEP provides information, resources, and a planning kit to help departments and communities implement National EMS Week.
  • NAEMT EMS Week web site: NAEMT provides information about EMS Week as well as tips and ideas such as 10 Ways to Celebrate EMS Practitioners and Tips for Raising Awareness about EMS.
  • EMS Strong: This campaign from ACEP and NAEMT is designed to celebrate, unify, and inspire the men and women of our nation’s emergency medical services by looking at the stories of the people inside the uniform.
  • Presidential Proclamation of National EMS Week 2015: The President has proclaimed the week of May 17-23, 2015, as Emergency Medical Services Week and encourages all Americans to show their support for local EMS providers and take steps to improve their personal safety and preparedness.
  • NVFC’s EMS/Rescue Section: Join the NVFC’s EMS/Rescue Section to be part of the national voice of the emergency medical services. NVFC members can join the EMS/Rescue Section at no additional charge. If you are not a member, join today and mark EMS/Rescue Section on your application.