Bereavement Uniform Program: ’Taking Care of Those Who took Care of Us’™

Lighthouse Uniforms offers the Bereavement Uniform Program to provide a dress uniform at no cost to any firefighter’s family wanting to bury a loved one in a Class A. The program now has a new web site at Share or link to this information through social media and organizational web sites to make sure that the entire fire service community is aware of this program and families have easy access to it.

The program is a collaborative effort. Departments and firefighters are encouraged to check for uniforms that are retired or no longer fitting and send them to Lighthouse. A list of previous donors is available here. Lighthouse then cleans, refurbishes, and reconfigures the uniforms to the requested rank and makes them available to any family requesting one for burial purposes, overnight if necessary. The only charge is for freight, which is billed to the affiliated department.

Learn more about the Bereavement Uniform Program at, or call Lighthouse at 800-426-5225.