Apply for an AFG Grant to Fund Department Necessities

The application period for FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program is open until July 6. Apply for a grant to help your department obtain needed equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, training, and more.

Career, volunteer, and combination fire departments as well as nonaffiliated emergency medical service providers are eligible to apply. The grants office recently issued an announcement clarifying their existing policy that NIMS compliance is not required at the time of application submission. Grants fund a variety of fire department necessities, including training, equipment, PPE, modifications to facilities, wellness and safety projects, firefighting and EMS vehicles, and regional projects.

The AFG web site contains tools and resources to help you with your application, including a quick reference guide of funding priorities, a narrative writing guide, full program guidance, and more. Find these resources and apply for a grant at