American Heart Month: Focus on Health in February

February is American Heart Month, and now is a great time to focus on making healthy lifestyle changes that will keep your heart strong. Reducing your heart disease risk factors and improving your fitness and nutrition habits will help you be at your best as a first responder.

There are many benefits to living a heart-healthy lifestyle. Exercising, eating right, and managing your heart-health risk factors can result in increased energy, better sleep, decreased stress levels, enhanced quality of life, and feeling better overall. Being physically prepared for your responsibilities as a firefighter will also help you do the job to the best of your abilities.

The National Volunteer Fire Council’s Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program provides many tools and resources to help you focus on your heart health so you can be there for your family, department, and community. Visit the Heart-Healthy Firefighter web site at to find the following:

  • Interactive fitness challenge with motivational rewards
  • Functional fitness demonstration videos designed for firefighters
  • Delicious heart-healthy recipes
  • Tools and resources for starting and expanding a department health and wellness program
  • Success stories from other health-conscious firefighters
  • Health and wellness tips sheets
  • Webinars on a variety of health and wellness topics
  • Put It Out smoking cessation program
  • Information and resources on topics including nutrition, fitness, heart basics, and lifestyle

Whether you are just starting on your path to heart health or are looking to reinvigorate your health and fitness program, now is the time to act. Visit today!