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NVFC Holds Training Summit in Concord, NC

Jun 12, 2018: The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) held a Training Summit on June 1-2 in Concord, NC. This is the fourth Training Summit hosted by the NVFC and was made possible thanks to a federal Fire...
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New Public Safety Officers’ Benefit Regulations to Take Effect on June 14

Jun 12, 2018: On May 15 the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a Federal Register notice explaining a final rule updating regulations over the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) Program. PSOB provides a...
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Fire Department Code of Conduct

Jun 12, 2018: It is critical for fire and emergency service agencies to have – and enforce – a code of conduct for its members. This protects the department and its members by providing specific expectations,...
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Free Course: Being Fair to Everyone: Why Diversity & Inclusion are Important

Jun 12, 2018: The NVFC is offering its course Being Fair to Everyone: Why Diversity & Inclusion are Important FREE for a limited time. This course is aimed at increasing participants’ cultural awareness,...
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Diversifying Fire Department Membership

Jun 12, 2018: As fire and emergency service departments look for new recruits, reaching out to currently untapped audiences is a great place to start. NVFC research shows that millennials, women, and minorities...
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Apply for a Georgia-Pacific Bucket Brigade Grant to Fund Department Necessities

Jun 12, 2018: Eligible fire departments can apply for a Georgia-Pacific Bucket Brigade grant to help fund department necessities, such as protective gear and equipment. The application period is open through July...
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