2019 EMS/Rescue Section Officer Elections

The EMS/Rescue Section of the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is holding an election this year for Section Officers, who will be elected for a two-year term beginning on April 27.

Section members can vote in-person at the annual meeting of the Section, which will be held at 1pm ET on Saturday, April 27, in Alexandria, VA, in conjunction the NVFC spring board meeting. Section members interested in attending the Section meeting only, and not participating in the rest of the board meeting, can do so without paying a meeting registration fee. For more details contact Dave Finger (Dave@nvfc.org), chief of legislative and regulatory affairs.

Section members who do not plan to vote in-person can vote instead via absentee ballot. Absentee ballots can be requested by emailing Dave Finger (Dave@nvfc.org). Absentee ballot requests must be submitted no less than two days prior to the election (11:59pm on April 25) and ballots must be submitted no less than one day prior to the election (11:59pm on April 26).

Contested Positions

Vice Chair:

The Section Vice-Chair shall:

  1. assume the duties of the Section Chair in the absence or inability of the Section Chair to perform his/her duties;
  2. assist the Section Chair in conducting the business and policies of the Section, and
  3. perform such other duties as prescribed by the Section Executive Committee.


The Section Secretary shall:

  1. record the minutes of the Section meetings;
  2. distribute the minutes in a timely fashion to the members of the Section and to the NVFC headquarters;
  3. maintain records of the monies of the Section that are collected, deposited and disbursed;
  4. prepare an annual budget, consistent with the format of the NVFC budget, for submission to the Section Executive Committee.

Director-at-large (3 positions):

Directors-at-large serve on the Section Executive Committee, along with the other Section Officers. The Section Executive Committee will serve as the primary leadership of the Section, and shall:

  1. have general charge of the affairs of the Section;
  2. review the work of the Section and develop policy for the Section;
  3. coordinate all current projects;
  4. coordinate future projects;
  5. assign various Section Executive Committee members to specific projects;
  6. review the annual budget prepared by the Section Secretary and amend or approve it for submission to the NVFC Board of Directors;
  7. study and evaluate the finances of the Council with the purpose of formulating plans for increasing revenues, and budgeting control of present and future finances.